Pottery Boutique History

The Henry Ford College Fall Pottery Boutique is an HFC Ceramic Club initiative. The idea was conceived while participating at a community art fair in the summer of 2011. A conversation developed between students and faculty regarding the desire to learn how professional artists create, market and remain current and vital in a competitive space like ceramics. The group concluded that the best way to learn about the business aspect of surviving as a potter was to show and sell their work alongside respected professionals. Thus, the HFC Annual Fall Pottery Boutique was born.

The first annual Boutique was held the fall of 2011. Students were given the unique opportunity to launch this event not only as a learning initiative but a way to showcase the ceramics program at HFC. The boutique has been set up so that a small portion of each artist’s sales is donated to the Ceramic Club account to self fund future shows and educational endeavors. The Boutique participants include esteemed Michigan ceramic artists, HFC faculty and technicians, and of course HFC ceramic students. All work is required to be of a certain level of sophistication, which challenges students to create work worthy to compete with experienced well-known artists. At the conclusion of the sale, students are afforded the opportunity to discuss various techniques, skills and abilities required to succeed as a professional potter with the guest artists.

Since its inception, the boutique has grown each year in sales and attendance. It has provided students with a real-life experience that they can fulfill their dreams as an artist, and it has shined a spotlight on HFC’s outstanding ceramic program.